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    Upcoming Dates:

    October 2
    Custodian Appreciation Day - Thank you Mr. Carey, Marli and Dan for helping our school shine!

    October 4
    Terry Fox Fundraiser: PJ DAY - Donations accepted via School Cash Online

    Oct 5
    World Teacher's Day - We have a wonderfully collaborative staff at OP -We appreciate all of our Educators working together for student success!

    October 7 
    6pm -Home and School Meeting

    October 8 
    Cross Country Regional Meet - Go Bears!

    October 11
    Terry Fox Run (pm)
    FYI: Orchard Park is also an Advanced Polling Station site - in our Gym all day

    Oct 14
    Thanksgiving Monday

    Oct 21
    Orchard Park is an Election Day site - in our Gym all day

    Oct 22
    Cross Country Finals

    Oct 24
    Child Care Worker, Early Childhood Educator and Bus Driver Appreciation Days - We are so fortunate to work with our dynamic ECEs, with our commuity partners at Whitehills Before/After School Program, and with our 12 Bus Drivers who transport our students safely to and from school each day. Together We Make The Difference!

    Oct 25
    PA Day - no school for students

    Oct 28 & 29
    Our school is launching a new adventure of OP Kindness Ninjas. In support of our School Improvement Goal for Student Achievement and Well-Being, we are kicking off a fundraising event to sell Halo-gram pencils and erasers in a Hallowe'en theme.

    The cost for 1 Halo-gram is $1.   OR   you can buy 3 Halo-grams for $2.

    Halo-grams will be on sale during the lunch hour and during afternoon recess in the front foyer on Monday and Tuesday.

    Money collected from this fundraising initiative will be put towards Mental Health and Wellness days to benefit students from K-8.


    *** PHOTO RETAKES are on November 5th ***

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    School Information Links:

    Use SchoolMessenger to report a student absence, late arrival, or early departure. School Messenger will also be the main communication between home and school - CLICK HERE to access link

    Go through the Parent Portal to access marks, attendance history, timetables, and complete IPOCs and other online forms: CLICK HERE to access link

    For any payments associated with school (field trips, Milk Program, donations), use School Cash OnlineCLICK HERE to access link

    Follow our tweets: See below to see to all tweets, or follow us on Twitter:  @Orchard_Park_PS 

    Get better connected: If you have a Facebook Account, please check out the school page that is managed by members of our Home and School Association:  Families of Orchard Park Public School 

    On-line Registration - Parents can now register their child/ren for any Thames Valley school online. Click HERE for the registration link.





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    Hot Lunches and Milk Program

    Our Milk Program is available to students every day. A sheet of 20 tickets can be purchased for $20. for white or chocolate milk through School Cash Online. Please see Mrs. Verberne to pick up your milk tickets. CLICK HERE to access link


    Our hot lunch program is offered every Wednesday.

    If you would like to order a hot lunch for your son/daughter, all orders are done online through Lunchbox Orders. CLICK HERE to link to their website. If you're new to the hot lunch program, please create a new account.  

    Ordering deadlines are Sundays at noon (12pm) prior to the upcoming week. Orders can be cancelled with 2 days' notice if needed.

    The hot lunches that are available, alternate between pizza one week and Marshall's Pasta/The Lunch Lady for the other weeks. 

    If you have any questions about ordering lunch, or would like to provide feedback, please feel free to contact members of our Home & School Association at ophomeandschool@outlook.com.