About Us


Who we are:

Orchard Park Public School consists of twelve classrooms from Kindergarten to Grade 8 including a Junior 5/6 and Intermediate 7/8 gifted program which invites students from across the city, as determined at a system level. 

Our school population is just shy of 300 students.  We are very proud of our school and of the quality work achieved by our students and staff. Our students’ personal and academic achievements continue to grow and flourish in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM):

  • In the TVSEF Thames Valley Science and Engineering Fair, Orchard Park PS has won the Junior Division School Trophy for greatest school participation thirteen times. In addition to science projects attaining many accolades, we've had students also win the Grand Award who have moved onto the Canada-Wide Science Fair. (We love science!) 
  • We believe in school-wide participation in the Caribou Cup, and have celebrated many honours and personal accomplishments (available for students in grades 2 and above)
  • Over the last few years, our Social Justice Club has raised over $5000 to build a well in Kenya
  • Our Arts program is of very high quality: we have Primary Choir, Jazz Band, Concert Band, Ukulele Club,  school plays, student-leadership of dance routines for the TVDSB Dance Festival

School Improvement Goals

Numeracy  - We will continue to develop proficiency and automaticity with basic numeracy facts
Literacy - We are explicitly teaching students to make connections with text (to ourselves, to the world and to the text itself) and encouraging them to support their answers with evidence from the text
Well-Being - We are engaging students in how to manage their emotions and teaching them appropriate conflict resolution/problem solving strategies


There is an active and varied extracurricular program for students at Orchard Park. Activities include:  Bands, Chess Club, Library Club, Me to We Club, Office Helpers, Student Council, Intramural sports activities and opportunities for competitive team sports. Sports offered in previous years:Cross Country, DownBall, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Slow-Pitch and Track and Field.

Who do I contact if I have a question regarding my child's education?

We believe that open, respectful, two-way communication builds relationships and enhances student success. As a parent or guardian, your child's teacher is always recommended as the first point of contact. If unable to help you directly, he or she will seek to advise you on who to contact for further information.

Who do I contact regarding school and Board programs or policies?

Please contact the principal of the school for information regarding programs and/or policies. Our Office Administrator is also willing to assist parents and guardians with inquiries.

Principal: Mrs. Jennifer Tait  j.tait@tvdsb.ca     519-452-8450   "5"   or extension 35410

Office Administrator: Ms. Meredith Duggan orchardpark@tvdsb.ca   519-452-8450   "2"  or extension 35410
School Council Chair: Mrs. Mikki Caplan
Home and School President: Mrs. Mikki Caplan  ophomeandschool@outlook.com


50 Wychwood Park, London, ON    N6G 1R6
Email:  orchardpark@tvdsb.ca 
Website:  tvdsb.ca/orchardpark.cfm     
Tel: (519) 452-8450
Fax: (519) 452-8459